AUTOMATION / Machine Design

Orientation and high speed feeding of assembly subcomponents.

ASE provides customized automation and machine design. We perform and oversee the design and manufacture of custom machines, tooling and structural assemblies. Structural analysis services are available using both traditional and finite element analysis (FEA) simulations for static and dynamic applications. These solutions are made to order, turn-key delivery, high-quality and trouble-free. We will work with you to determine your return on investment and help you achieve your maximum overall cost savings.

Past projects include:

  • Progressive stamping
  • Precision assembly tooling vibratory feeder integration
  • Tire recycling equipment
  • Food grade packaging equipment
  • Ammunition processing equipment (for NATO)


Recycling process equipment

Recycling process equipment

Automated tension and take-up system.

Automated tension and take-up system

Automated book sorter

Automated book sorter

Automated packaging

Automated packaging

Precision assembly of high speed drum<br />

Precision assembly of high speed drum

High pressure manifold

Supporting structures and integration of aggregate and mining equipment. Worldwide locations.
Coal processing equipment<br />

Coal processing equipment

High speed and precision automation design and build.
Simple cut off saw for precision sizing of materials.
High tension wire rope tie-off bollard with custom cable clamp<br />

High tension wire rope tie-off bollard with custom cable clamp

Barge unload equipment. Various locations.
Automation system for disassembly and repurposing of haul truck tires.